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ORIGINAL / GENUINE PARTS - original spare parts and SECOND BRAND

Aug 4, 2020

ORIGINAL / GENUINE PARTS - original spare parts for the Japanese market.

ORIGINAL / GENUINE PARTS - original spare parts and SECOND BRAND

TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA, MAZDA, MMC (in some regions of the Japan) — these manufacturers have their own warehouse divisions and a department for the sale of spare parts

SUBARU, MMC (in some regions of Japan), SUZUKI, DAIHATSU, ISUZU, HINO, MMC FUSO, NISSAN UD — the manufacturer itself is engaged in the sale of spare parts, therefore the processing times for orders are slightly higher than the first group.

Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, MMC are the main car manufacturers in Japan and make a great contribution to supporting the country’s economy and will always be afloat.

SECOND BRAND / second brand of manufacturer or subsidiary

They are the ones who are interesting as suppliers of consumables. They occupy a leading position in the supply of filters, belts, pads in Japan. As practice shows, consumables are the main part of the entire turnover of spare parts.

Major car manufacturers in Japan have created additional parts manufacturing and sales subsidiaries.

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  • PITWORK is also the main manufacturer of spare parts for NISSAN, therefore it is ranked among the GENUINE PARTS MAKER — the manufacturer of original spare parts.

As a rule, the car leaving the conveyor has only original filters, pads, belts. But during operation, the owner decides for himself whether to put the original or not the original at a low price and often chooses a second brand. We also recommend them for operating your vehicle.

We can suggest and select the necessary spare parts for your car, send us the body number, brand, model and name of the part — we will try to find the right option