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Purchasing Process - Order placement/payment/shipping


Registration takes a little time.

  1. Register on our website
  2. Fill in the required boxes and carefully read the User’s Agreement. If you accept the terms and conditions, tick off the box and click the «Register» button.
  3. A message will be sent to your e-mail address. Open the received link and click on it to confirm registration and complete the registration.

Find a parts

1. Quote the spare parts by catalog number.

You can quote the spare part by the catalog number on our website, then add it to the cart and complete the order.

2. Self-searching parts in catalogs.

Knowing the frame number, chassis number, model code, year or VIN of equipment, you can open the parts catalog.

  1. Enter the frame number, chassis number or VIN.
  2. If you do not know (there is no way to fill in) the chassis, frame number or VIN — select the catalog by year, model code. Be careful with this search method, it is easily to order the wrong part.
  3. Identify the unit, find the necessary spare part and quote on our website.
  4. If you need to quote the price or the site does not know the catalog number — you an make a request quote to us by mail — we will specify the cost and delivery time.
  5. After that you can put the spare part in to the cart and complete the order.

3. Request manager.

If you do not know the spare part number or you cannot determine the spare part in the catalog by yourself, you can make a request quote to the manager (please inform Maker / Model / Serial Number (chassis, frame number or VIN of the equipment) and the name of the spare parts. The manager will try to find the necessary parts and inform you the spare part number for the order.

How to place an order

How to place an order:

  1. Quote part at our website, check parts number, price. Add to cart, check the correctness of the numbers, quantity, cost. Click «Create an order».
  2. Specify a comment for the order (if necessary), read the warning message, click «Continue».
  3. A unique order has been created, you can proceed to payment. Choose a payment method you prefer.

1st Payment for the order

1st Payment for the order

  1. From the funds in your account on our website.
  2. Payment from PayPal or other payment methods.

To comply with the requirements of the manufacturer and supplier, we are in no position to cancel a pre-paid order and make a refund.

Delivery costs to your country are calculated separately and depend on a selected shipping method and the rates applied in your country. The payment is made after the package has been packed up.

Prior to making the payment, check out the size of the international shipment. If it is oversized or prohibited, we cannot cancel the order placed or make a refund.

Sometimes the manufacturer is to cancel the order for the following reasons: out of stock, price change, requited VIN., ceased production, quantity change. In such cases we must forfeit your order, and it is up to you to proceed, cancel or claim refund.

Packaging / 2nd Payment for the parcel

Packaging / 2nd Payment for the parcel
After we will check goods at our company’s warehouse, the status of the order and goods changes to «In Japanese warehouse (awaiting shipment handling formation)».

  1. Go to the «Packages» tab in your personal account, click «create a new package»
  2. Check the items you have picked out. Fill in the required fields, click «Save» and wait for the manager pack your goods and confirm the exact weight of the package.
  3. The package is packed, the weight of the package is specified, you can pay for the delivery. Click «Pay», select a payment method.
  4. Wait for a package. After shipping, the status of package will change to «Sent from Japan." Our website system will automatically send tracking number to your e-mail address.

Send from Japan

Please track the packages by yourself according number indicated in the package comment.

FedEx Website — https://www.fedex.com/en-us/tracking.html

DHL Website — https://www.dhl.com/th-en/home/tracking.html

Global EMS tracking — https://www.ems.post/en/global-network/tracking

Japan Post Website — https://www.post.japanpost.jp/index_en.html

We ask you to inspect the integrity of the package’s packaging at the time of delivery. If you notice damage — please open the package with authorized courier, make all external and internal damage’s photo or video. Please request claim to the post office if package was delivered in a broken condition or if an item was missing.

Thank you for contacting our company. We hope that we leaves a pleasant impression.