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Aug 7, 2020

This group of manufacturers is very interesting for repair and operation of inexpensive cars or preparation for technical inspection


They are distinguished by their low price and the preservation of the quality of the goods.

A small example. Toyota installs belts on cars made at the MITSUBOSHI factories, but by order of Toyota. Therefore, you can see two part numbers on the belt. MITSUBOSHI independently can supply spare parts from their warehouses at low prices, without the logo of the car manufacturer and extra charges.

Or another example OHNO / MUSASHI — manufacturers of oil seals, tips, anthers, bushings. They supply their products to factories NISSAN, TOYOTA, MMC and to the market for the average user.

KOYO or Jtekt — specialize in the manufacture of bearings. They are used in agricultural machinery, factory equipment, automobiles, medical equipment, aviation, railways.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that now on the market there are a lot of counterfeit products under the KOYO logo. When ordering spare parts from us, you can be sure that these products are supplied exactly from the manufacturer’s warehouse in Japan.

For all questions regarding the purchase of products, you can contact the managers of the company.