• 1 $ = 139.00 ¥ (- 1.0000)
  • 1 € = 148.00 ¥ (+ 0.0000)

FedEx — International postal service

Advantages — optimal cost of delivery and speed. The average delivery time is about 4 to 10 days. Possibility of keep track of delivered goods.

Demerits: high shipping costs for remote regions where there is no FedEx office.


Usually: length up to 1.5 m + perimeter should not exceed 3 meters, weight — up to 30 kg.

Prohibited items

  • flammable,
  • explosive,
  • flammable substances,
  • weapons,
  • items of pornographic content,
  • objects of art,
  • spare parts with fuel, oil,
  • gas tanks,
  • Dietary supplements,
  • nutritional supplements,
  • tobacco,
  • fur products,
  • medals,
  • goods with state symbols,
  • precious stones, metals,
  • antiques,
  • dual-use goods,
  • echo sounder, etc.
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Remote area

If the delivery address is in a remote area, 2 861 ¥ will be added to the shipping cost using FedEx or DHL.

Customs clearance

FedEx parcels are cleared by customs brokers in the receiving country.

In Russia at the moment one of the brokers is the company Global Broker Solution.

We ask you to pay attention to the maximum allowable limits for duty-free import of goods to the receipt country before you create an order and pay for delivery.

In case of exceeding the permissible threshold for duty-free import of goods to the receipt country, you will be charged customs duty upon receipt of the goods.

At the moment, there is a strict regulation for processing FedEx parcels in Russia.

One parcel contains no more than 10 items of goods, the amount should not exceed the limit of  €200 (¥29,600).

For customs clearance, customs broker will contact with you by e-mail and / or phone and for request the necessary documents confirming the purchase of goods in our store:

  • passport data,
  • links to the product (print screen with the order),
  • confirmation of the transfer amount

If it is impossible to contact you using the contacts data, if broker fail to contact with you, the parcel will be detained at the customs warehouse and, after the free storage period, returned to our warehouse. For returning a parcel to us, carrier charges the shipping cost 2–3 times higher than the original one. We will have to debit it from your account on our website. The re-sending of the parcel will be carried out after you have paid the cost of returning the parcel to us and re-pay for the delivery.

We ask you to track the location of the parcel using the tracking number by yourself, to make sure that the specified e-mail, the filter of SPAM folder and the phone number are correct.

We are not responsible for the impossibility of a customs broker to contact with you. We ask you to wait for your parcel and track its location by yourself.

Starting January 1, 2020, new standards apply to goods for personal use imported into the EAEU customs territory:

  • the value of the goods should not exceed €200 or 31 kg within one parcel,
  • in case of exceeding the specified norms, a customs duty will be charged (at a flat rate of 15 percent of the cost, but not less than €2 per 1 kg of weight in terms of exceeding the cost and (or) weight standards).


If the cost of goods in the parcel is €350 — then a customs duty of  €350 (value of goods) — €200 (limit) = €150 (excess amount) * 15% (rate) = €22.5 will be calculated

Payment is made upon the parcel receipt at Post Office.

You can:

  1. underestimate the cost of goods at your own risk,
  2. create a parcel for SEA shipping method (the cost does not affect the above rate),
  3. you can pay for shipping and pay for the custom when you will recieve a parcel.

Repackaging of goods

Repackaging of goods is the main job of our company. We try to pack goods well to prevent damage during transportation.

You can see below the methods of packing the goods by our company and the possible parcel’s weight change after packing. Usually, we use «bubble-wrap» packaging material, newspapers, boxes, suitable for the dimensions of the goods. We correlate the dimensions, cost, fragility, destination of the goods and the method of packaging.

You can see below some examples of packing methods.

Goods without packing materials
Weight of goods without packing materials
FedEx bod for goods
Goods in FedEx box
Total weight of FedEx parcel