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Spare parts for YAMAHA outboards

This page contains spare parts catalogs for YAMAHA outboards.


Why is it important to order genuine parts? Original spare parts are a guarantee of reliability, quality from the equipment manufacturer. All spare parts are tested before leaving the conveyor and transferred to the user. The manufacturer has a quality certificate, technological data for each spare part. When ordering the original Yamaha, you can be sure that these parts will use for a long time.

Yamaha parts catalog is built on the principle of searching for parts using engine power, model code or production date. For example, 2004/ 4 cycles / Yamaha 50M — then search for a group of spare parts and catalog numbers.

Our company YUMBO is a leader in many aspects of ordering, processing spare parts from Japan. We guarantee low reasonable prices for spare parts from Japanese market, the quality of spare parts, processing speed and delivery. Parts are processed in Japan at the warehouses of manufacturers, suppliers and in our warehouse. We tried to organize the process in such a way that you do not feel all the complex aspects of logistics.

You can always find on our website spare parts for catalog numbers, in catalogs or through request by mail. Stickers, oil seals, filters, gaskets, chains, valves are popular. MADE IN JAPAN — 90% of spare parts are indicated at labeol of parts, the remaining 10% are the USA, China, Korea, Mexico, European countries. If you have any difficulties with the selection of spare parts, we will give you answer by email or phone.