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RECOIL STARTER for HONDA multi purpose engines GXV140 N1KA

RECOIL STARTER for multi purpose engines HONDA GXV140 N1KA


Original part number
Req. Qty
Price (1 pc.)
1 28400-ZG9-803 STARTER ASSY., RECOIL 1 quote request
2 28402-ZG9-802 HOUSING ASSY. (NA USE ALT:28400-ZG9-803) quote request
3 28415-ZG9-802 PULLEY & SPRING ASSY. 1 quote request
4 28419-ZG9-802 PIN, CENTER 1 quote request
5 28431-ZG9-802 PLATE A, FRICTION 1 quote request
6 28432-ZG9-802 PLATE B, FRICTION (NOT AVAILABLE) 1 quote request
7 28441-ZG9-802 SPRING, FRICTION 1 quote request
8 28444-ZG9-802 RETAINER 1 quote request
9 28461-ZE6-T02 HANDLE 1 quote request
11 28462-ZG9-802 ROPE, RECOIL STARTER 1 quote request
12 28463-ZE6-T02 HANDLE, REINFORCEMENT 1 quote request
13 28485-ZE6-T02 DOG 2 quote request
14 28486-ZE6-T02 SPRING, DOG 2 quote request

This catalog contains parts for двигателя HONDA GXV140 N1KA .

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