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Spare parts for YAMAHA Generators

This page contains spare parts catalogs for YAMAHA Generators.

Order parts in Japan

You can find catalog numbers of spare parts in catalogs, rate and order on our website.

Many confuse OEM and original parts. OEM is Original literally original equipment manufacturer. But the equipment is not always manufactured only at the manufacturer like YAMAHA. For example — a spark plug. Spark plugs in Japan are made by two manufacturers DENSO and NGK. They deliver spark plugs to manufacturers of equipment, those in turn register them in their spare parts catalogs by their ons parts number.

Among the spare parts for generators there are universal ones suitable for many models and types of equipment. Oil seals, nuts, spark plugs, belts, gaskets, filters. After sending the goods from our warehouse, we will send you the invoice number to track the package. You can easily find out where your parts are at any time.