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Direct spare parts supply from Japanese manufacturers without intermediaries

YUMBO — goods and spare parts for EVERYONE.

We try to create an individual approach to everybody. We will help in difficult questions in search for spare parts.
At our website you can find catalogs for almost all types of all equipment made in Japan. The scheme of work, payment and delivery is described in detail at our website.

You can trust us — we are a team of specialists and professionals in our field! Working with us — you receive goods without intermediaries, do not pay double commission. Everything is transparent and without fraud.

The main directions of the company — supply spare parts and goods from the Japanese market and YAHOO auction.

There is a discount system for wholesale customers — please ask company manager for more detail.

Contact Information

You can contact us in any way convenient for you. Our managers will answer to you asap.

Postal Code: 930–2205
Address: Kanayamashinhigashi 636, Toyama city, Toyama pref., Japan.
Tel.: +81 90-9446-0974 Email: info@yumbo-jp.com